OCC Custom Fabrication


We can fabricate just about anything at OCC. Using technology, craftsmanship, and experience we are more than capable. We have used several different mediums such as, wood, steel, carbon fiber and aluminum to bring to life the most creative ideas to a multitude of industries.

Welding Services
With our elite fabrication team we execute highly accurate welds and custom fixtures on a daily basis. Stainless Steel, Steel, and Aluminum (Mig, Tig, and Brazing).

Sheet Metal Fabrication
With countless satisfied clients our handcrafted sheet metal fabrication is second to none.

Art Sculptures
Over the years we have been commissioned to create various sculptures and artwork for personal and commercial use.

Architectural Signage
With the use of 3D modeling, machining and advanced techniques we offer state of the art architectural signage.

Personalized Parts
Whatever you envision we can create. Big or small we do them all!

We also offer:
Finishing Processes
Surface Preparation
Automotive Paint
Clear Coating
Pin Striping
Airbrush Art Work
Powder Coating