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OCC teams up with the WWE!

Orange County Choppers teamed up with the WWE to make the new World Heavyweight Championship Belt. Using inspiration from past designs and integrating the new WWE Network vision, the new belt takes shape. With the iconic silhouette and new WWE logo, OCC helps bring this colossal belt to life using our state of the art CNC machining and the knowledge and wisdom of our skilled employees. Taking full advantage of the latest technology, tools, and machines OCC breaths life to the new World Heavyweight Championship Belt. At Orange County Choppers we stand at the forefront of design with no limitations.

Another epic bike is completed!

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Here is the test Ride with Christian and some cool shots taken in the shop with the LEDs glowing! Orange County Choppers is your one stop shop for all your custom bike needs! #occ #orangecountychoppers #custombike #ChristianWelter #newburgh #hellyeah