Design and Engineering Service

IMG_7491Our staff, armed with state of the art CAD/CAM and design software can help you get your parts and products off the ground. Whether reverse engineering your models, starting with a napkin sketch or your mechanical drawings, we can help you get prototypes made and determine the best finishes for the application

Waterjet Cutting

With a top of the line Flow Dynamic Waterjet System we will cut your parts from 1/32” up to 6” thick from just about any material imaginable. Our table can handle material up to 6’ x 12’. We offer quick turnaround and can often cut smaller parts while you wait. Send a sketch or drawing in for a quote and see how OCC can help you.

Multi Axis Machining

The OCC Machine shop features 5 HAAS CNC mills and 2 CNC Lathes. We can cut and shape 3D parts from a wide variety of materials. With work envelopes up to 4’ x 2’ x 2’ we can accommodate some large parts and are well known for the detailed and accurate work we turn out on this equipment.

3D Printing

Using our Fortus 400MC we are able to create highly accurate 3D models for conceptual, functional prototyping, and digital manufacturing. We also offer the widest range of production-grade thermoplastics.