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Paul Teutul Sr.
Orange County Choppers (OCC) is a world famous custom motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1999 by Paul Teutul Sr. At their facility based in Newburgh, NY, Paul Sr. and his team of custom fabricators design, engineer and manufacture unique choppers. Orange County Choppers has been the center of the hit TV reality series “American Chopper”. American Chopper debuted in September 2002 on the Discovery Channel. They continue to entertain millions of people worldwide on a weekly basis. OCC bikes are customized and built around a theme or, increasingly, for a broad spectrum of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Paul Sr. has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Celebrity Apprentice, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel and countless other nationally televised talk shows. Paul Sr’s tough guy image is contradicted by his tireless involvement with various charities (HVSPCA, Make-A-Wish, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Boys and Girls Club of America).



How to pick a motorcycle service shop

Nick from Dallas wants to know “What’s the best way to pick a motorcycle service shop?”

 Find the Best Cycle Shop for Your Bike
The modern motorcycle is a complex machine. No matter how well you take care of it, your bike will eventually have a problem that requires the services of a good mechanic. There are certain things that I like to keep in mind when looking for a new service shop.

Hands-On Experience

A good motorcycle shop will have experienced workers. It won’t be staffed with people who only know how to change oil and spark plugs. You don’t want some amateur working on your custom chopper. You want someone in the shop who has been working hands-on with bikes for years.

Real Education

You also want someone who has real training. By this, I don’t mean that your shop has to employ only people who have had formal training and a wall of diplomas. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Your shop could also have skilled mechanics who have learned on the job or who have worked for race teams. Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications.

The Right Kind of Professional

Your new shop should be professional. Think about the guys at Orange County Choppers. These are not guys who wear suits and ties. They aren’t that kind of professional. They are the kind of professional who keeps good records and does the job right the first time. You want a shop that values your bike the same way that you do. Make sure that your shop will give you an estimate and can stick to it.

Certifications in Order

Most shops will do everything from inspections to a major overhaul. But not every shop will work on every kind of bike. You will want to find a shop that can work on your make and vintage of motorcycle. Sometimes it’s easy to find out. Harley Davidson has ongoing training and certification programs for bike shops, dealerships and independent mechanics. Other companies don’t do this. Never be afraid to ask any shop you are interested in if they work with a bike like yours.

You can also check the shop’s certifications. Most states require mechanics and shops to have valid licenses to operate. You can normally spot a shop’s paperwork on a wall by the door. It might just be basic maintenance but you still want to use qualified mechanics.

Treat Your Baby like Family

Check out how the mechanics treat other bikes in their care. Are they neatly parked in a protected place? Is the area tidy? Good mechanics don’t leave tools and parts laying out while not in use. A professional place will be careful of the bikes left in their care.

Find Out Where Others Go

The best way I’ve found to get solid recommendations is to speak to other bike owners. Every bike person has their favorite shop and most of them will be happy to talk about it. Check these shops out. If you like what you see, ask them to do something simple for you. When you need more serious service you’ll have an idea of where to go.

 If you are in the New York area Orange County Choppers has you covered for all your motorcycle service and customization needs. Give us a call at 845-522-5203 or E-Mail
for more information or to make an appointment.

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Motorcycle Gear – What to Wear

Dan from Elmwood Park NJ wants to know “What else do I need to be ready to ride this summer?”

Just because you own a bike and know how to ride it doesn’t mean you’re ready to hit the road. Apart from really making you look like a pro, motorcycle gear is specifically designed to protect you from the type of impact you would experience in an accident. Even if you’re the best motorcyclist out there, you can never be too safe, so get ready to suit up and make sure that you have all of this necessary riding gear before you rev the engine.


By far the most important piece of motorcycle clothing, your helmet will keep you safe from any head trauma that could be inflicted during a crash or a fall. Knowing how to choose a motorcycle helmet will ensure you’re as safe as possible on the road. In order to pick the right one for you, you should make sure that you find a fit that is ideal for your individual head shape, otherwise you can experience problems with pressure points and an ill fit. Check out this helmet buying guide by RevZilla for a step-by-step walkthrough on finding the right helmet for you.


There are several questions to consider when buying your biker boots. First of all, how do they fit? They shouldn’t be too tight and compress any parts of your leg, though they should also not be loose enough to slip down on your foot or fly off altogether with sudden movements. Consider the aesthetic and whether or not they look just as nice indoors as they do on your bike, since most of the time you won’t have the option to change your shoes before going into work or any other establishment. has some great boot suggestions for all types of bike riders.


Your gloves should fit like a second skin and the kind you buy all depends on the type of riding you do. If you’re a professional racer, the last thing you need to think about is your hands when you’re moving over 100 mph. If you’re hitting the open road, you should never feel like you’re out of control of the bike due to some ill-fitting gloves.

“The importance of good gloves is sometimes overlooked and while it’s often down to personal preference you should always take the time to try on as many pairs as you can from different brands to find the ones that fit you best,” says Lee Block, the President of Racer Gloves USA.


This is arguably the coolest part of your biking getup, making you feel just as tough as the guys of Orange County Choppers. The coveted motorcyclist’s leather jacket doesn’t just complete your look, it can also save your life. Leather jackets are less recommended now because we have access to fantastic synthetic materials that feature air flow systems to regulate body temperature. Most textile jackets also come with protective armor for the best crash and slide protection.

The type of riding you do will make the final call in what type of jacket you buy, but make sure that whenever you’re shopping for biking clothing you consider safety first.



Your bike gear is all about ensuring your safety when in motion. Check out the suggestions from type bike manufacturers like Orange County Choppers and Harley Davidson. These are the best in the business who know exactly what it takes to stay safe and look great on your ride.


Planning a Lengthy Motorcycle Trip? A Few Things to Consider

Barb from Portland Oregon wants to know about planing a trip on a motorcycle?

While no car can replicate the feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle, riders who have never taken long trips need to make sure they’re prepared for the process. Small mistakes can lead to misery on the road, and failing to prepare properly can quickly derail a trip. Here are a few things to consider before embarking on a long journey on your bike.

Is Your Bike Properly Equipped?

If most of your riding is done in the city or suburbs, you might not be prepared for a long ride. While riding below highway speeds, problems with the windshield might not be clear until you reach 70 miles per hour. In addition, you’ll want to check out your seat, as the ride can quickly become unpleasant if it’s not comfortable enough. Make sure your posture is right, as tweaking your back while on the road can force you off the road and end the journey prematurely.

Do You Have the Right Gear?

It’s rare for the weather to stay the same during long motorcycle rides, and you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared for whatever it brings. If you’re heading into warm weather, make sure you have the right clothing to stay cool, and bring an extra jacket if you’re heading into cooler temperatures. Make sure you have a way to check the upcoming weather conditions, and make sure to regularly check for rain, which can come up quickly in some parts of the country.

Maintenance Matters

Just like any vehicle, motorcycles need regular maintenance, and finding out something is wrong with your bike while on the road can end your ride quickly. Unfortunately, some problems can be exacerbated by lengthy periods of high-speed travel. Unless you’re an expert in motorcycle maintenance, have your bike inspected by experts at Orange County Choppers to make sure you’re ready. You also might want to bring along a maintenance book to help you look for problems while traveling.

Plan B

Expect the unexpected before you hit the road, as travel problems are more difficult to handle when you’re riding a bike as opposed to traveling by car. What happens if highway traffic slows down and you can’t make your destination when planned? Do you have a way to find a hotel for the night? If you run into mechanical issues en route, do you have a way to pay for repairs? Envision your journey, and make sure you aren’t caught unprepared.

Proper Mindset

When preparing for your first trip, it’s important to make sure you don’t push yourself too hard, as exhaustion and frustration can be dangerous while you’re riding a motorcycle. Make sure you schedule breaks to give your body and mind time to refresh. Since you’re saving on gas money, go ahead and plan fun stops on the way if your ride covers several days.

Nothing can beat traveling by motorcycle, but it’s important to prepare. Taking time to ensure you’re ready can make the journey safe, productive and, most of all, fun.



Safety First

A special thanks to Cub Scout Pack 125 – East Coldenham, NY for letting us help them work on their Baloo the builder achievement. There is nothing better than a private tour with Jim Quinn to learn about what we do, the tools and equipment and being shop safe.


Getting ready for 2016

CarSide (1 of 1)
Here’s a cool shot of some of the shop as we get things ready for 2016. You never know what’s going to happen at the OCC complex.

Metal Madness at OCC

Mikey and Nick, what a pair! When these two are in the shop there is never a dull moment.